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Building a home is an exciting time. From initial floor plans to deciding on the perfect bathroom tile, you'll have the power to make your home truly your own. To make it easy for you, we've created the One-Time Close Construction Loan which allows you to enjoy the convenience of closing on your loan just one time: when construction starts.

With the One-Time Close Construction Loan you’ll have the ability to take draws during construction, much like a line-of-credit, with interest-only payments. And when your home is complete, your loan automatically converts to a conventional mortgage.

Step 1: Get pre-qualified - our loan experts will help you determine the loan amount that will give you the maximum benefits and comfort for your financial needs.

Step 2: Select a builder - building a home can take an average of six months. Make sure you feel comfortable and trust your builder to be honest and dependable to get the job done right.

Step 3: Closing your construction loan - this is the only closing that will take place.

Step 4: Draw funds - you will have five draws during your construction loan for various stages in the building process.

Step 5: Convert to a mortgage - congratulations! Your loan will be automatically converted to a fully amortizing mortgage upon completion of construction.

To get started, call 800-353-4449 to speak with a loan expert today or click on the Apply Now button below.

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Helpful Information:

Building Your Dream Home: Take a look at the One-Time Close Construction loan process.

Guidelines to Building Your Dream Home: Discover how the draw process works and the requirement for each step.

First American Construction Package: Detailed information on the draw process coordinated through First American Title Company.

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